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March 31, 2023

Attendees please use this link for day of workshop information:

Many of you may or not be familiar with the Reggio Emilia philosophy of early childhood education, developed in Italy after World War II. There are people all over the world who are embracing this approach to be Reggio-inspired in their practice. In this seminar, we will explore:

  • The background/history of how this emerged in Italy.
  • The principles behind it and the educational resources upon which it rests.
  • The role of the various people who teach in these schools.
  • The implications for attempting to become Reggio-inspired in your current setting.
  • Examples of projects that exemplify this approach.

It is my strong belief in presenting this material that one must understand/agree that schools reflect the culture; therefore, we will infuse how/who the Italians are drives their instruction and why any other culture can only be Reggio-inspired.Through power points, activities, and a bibliography, participants will be able to come away with a basic awareness of the foundations of this exciting teaching philosophy.

Instructor: Rick Ellis

Rick has been involved in the fields of early childhood and elementary education for over 45years. He has taught infants through nine-year olds and has also worked in educational administration as a teaching coach/unit leader, mentor, administrator, and instructional computer coordinator.

Trained through Bank Street College, Rider University, and The College of New Jersey, he also has served as the Head Teacher and Project Director for the East Coast Migrant Head Start Project, serving infants through four-year olds. He was trained in The Responsive Classroom philosophy through The Northeast Foundation for Children. In addition, he completed a two-year program called The Courage to Teach, based on the work of Parker J. Palmer concerning research in teacher formation. In 2007, a week-long seminar in the Reggio Emilia, Italy, school was also a part of Mr. Ellis’ training. He taught a course of his own design about transferring this philosophy to the American schools for 15 years at Bank Street College of Education, and also taught this course in Stockholm, Sweden. He also continued to examine the Reggio Emilia schools by spending a week visiting the early childhood centers in Pistoia, Italy.

Workshop Information

  • Price: $125.00*/$100.00 for PDSN members, includes lunch, parking, workshop materials, certificate of completion
  • Date/Time: Friday March 31,2022
  • Location: TCNJ Ewing Campus
  • *Please note that Eventbrite fees are not included.

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