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New Jersey public schools are now legally responsible for providing a LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum and teaching middle and high school students about the political, economic, and social contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. As a result, New Jersey teachers have a unique opportunity to explore gender and sexuality not only in history classes, but across the curriculum. TCNJ offers the following:

Supporting LGBTQIA+ Students In Your School

Led by: Katie Burke.
Katie is a high school social studies teacher at Randolph High School. She teaches Gender Studies, US History, and AP European History. She is an adjunct professor for Women & Gender Studies at The College of New Jersey and is a consultant with the NJEA focusing on diversity & inclusion. Through the NJEA she as works with schools from across New Jersey to present on instructional, educational, or curricular topics with a focus on LGTBQ Inclusion, SEL, and Diversity. She graduated with her B.A. in History & Secondary Education from TCNJ in May 2015 and her M.Lit from Drew University in August 2021. Katie is passionate about inclusion and diversity, focusing on supporting queer and trans students and staff in the classroom.

There are three topics/sessions for the day:
Supporting LGBTQ Students:
This session will focus on the basics of inclusion and support for queer students and staff. We will discuss methods of making classroom planning more accessible for queer students and how to include more diversity within your activities. Samples of activities and plans will be provided. 2 hours

Supporting Trans Students:
his session will focus on supporting trans and gender nonconforming students in and outside of the classroom. We will discuss ways in which we can avoid common microaggressions, ideas for possible advocacy, and ways in which language can be made more respectful. 2 hours

Roundtable & Open Discussion:
This session is optional and open to all attendees. Here, we will discuss ways in which educators and educational professionals can support their queer and trans staff members. We will also work on community building, making connections with groups.
1 hour.

Workshop Information

  • Standard Price: Standard: $250.00*plus fees
  • TCNJ PDSN Members: $225.00
  • Date/Time: Friday April 28, 2023 9:00am – 3:00pm
  • Includes lunch, parking, workshop materials, certificate of completion
  • Location: TCNJ Ewing Campus

*Please note that Eventbrite fees are not included. Final prices as follows:
Credit Card: $268.61
PO/Check: $251.04

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