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Off Campus and On-Line: TCNJ and RTC

Since 2000, The College of New Jersey has been in partnership with the Regional Training Center to offer credit-bearing courses to teachers throughout the State of New Jersey. The courses address areas that New Jersey teachers have identified as their areas of greatest instructional need. These include courses in such areas as instructional methodology, technology, social and emotional learning, exceptional learners, kinesthetic movement, classroom-based inquiry and more.
Courses are available in one of three categories:
• Graduate-level courses taken for enhancement of instructional skills and strategies
• Courses leading to a 30-credit Master of Education: Instruction degree
• Three 15-credit Certificate Programs in the following areas:
– Classroom Climate
– The Differentiated Classroom
– Brain-Based Teaching

Courses are offered in two formats – either Face-to-Face or On-line
Face-to-Face courses: During the 10-month school year, courses are offered on two or three non-consecutive weekends. During the Summer, classes are offered on weekdays.
Online courses: Many courses are available in an on-line format, offered year-round in a six week time span.

All classes meet traditional contact-hour requirements. All courses are practice-rooted and strongly connected to K-12 classroom instruction.
School districts who wish to consider offering a course in or near their district should contact us to discuss how to select a course of particular interest to their teachers.
Full information about the various courses and programs offered by the TCNJ – RTC partnership you may wish to visit the following website:

For further information, please contact Dr. Alan Amtzis at:
(609) 771-2586

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